Department of Law

In a Brief

School of Law offers unique opportunity to study legal system of national as well as international arena. The degree seeks to provide a sound knowledge and vocational orientations of the legal world to those who want to build a career as professional.

The faculty of Law offers:

Bachelor of Law


4 yrs.

Mission of Department of Law
The overall missions of Department of law, BGC Trust University Bangladesh are to prepare students for careers in the diverse legal profession including government, education, banking, foreign service, law reform & legal research, mediation, social activism, labor relations, politics, business, etc through teaching, training, and guidance as well as creating knowledge as to legal matters which help them to meet social, cultural and aesthetic needs of the people as well as to face the challenges of the new millennium and the realities of globalization with the dedicated mind of faculty members having social involvement with the professionalism. Our more oriented legal teaching method helps the students to analyze any legal issue and makes them aware about human rights which expedite the ultimate speed of implementing administration of justice.

Law Department’s curriculum reflects the changing requirements of the legal profession which build the professional ethics in the mind of law students. The Department of Law also preserves an environment in which faculty members discuss ideas about law from where a student will gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between law and society. It is a place where students share ideas and challenge opinions. It also arranges different seminar on burning issues regarding law.

The Department of Law offers 4-Year Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) degree. The objectives of the Bachelor of Laws with Honors (LL.B.) program is to provide a good, general and critical legal education; to meet the requirements of Bangladesh Bar Council as well as judicial service commission exam to become the judicial officers. So that holders of the degree are eligible for entry to legal profession in Bangladesh; to provide students with skills in legal research, including use of electronic databases and search tools, writing, and advocacy.



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Address: "BGC Biddyanagar" Chandanaish Chattogram, Bangladesh



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